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Catering Packages

Ready to Roll  the BonesOn-Target can serve any group from 20 to 200 people with cooked on-site, hot off the grill barbecue and delicious side items.  It is perfect for a Church Social, a Company Picnic,  a Customer Appreciation Promotion, or any Social Gathering of people who like to eat good.  I offer a variety of packages to suit the occasion and fit your budget.  I am hitched up and ready to roll to your location.

Just Little Piggy: Just the meat and the sauces to go with it.  This choice is ideal for a Church Social or Family Reunion where guests want to show off their own special side dishes.

The Pig and the Poke: Your choice of meat plus sauces, baked beans, coleslaw, and bread (Texas Toast with Ribs or Chicken, buns for Shoulders) to round out the meal.  You provide the plates, forks and drinks.

The Whole Hog: Everything you need for a barbecue feast except for a place to sit.  Your choice of meats (or combination of all three) and sauces, plus baked beans, coleslaw, chips, bread, condiments, iced soft drinks, plates, napkins, cutlery…and for desert, old-fashioned bread pudding.

Liberty and Ribs For All!Prices for these packages are determined on a per person basis and the price will take into account the size of the gathering, the options chosen, and—what with gas prices the way they are these days—the distance I have to travel to get to the event site.  Since every gathering  will be different, I will write up a custom quote when you contact me with the details of your get-together.  Expect generous portions and enough for seconds.  (Prices should range from between $8.00 and $17.00 per person depending on these variables, just to give you a ballpark figure to plan with.)

You can quote me on this: click here to Get On-Target!