Getting Your CCDW
Your Day at the Range

Concealed Carry Instruction in Williamsburg, Kentucky

The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution recognizes and protects the natural right of free people to possess and carry arms. But with rights come responsibilities, a fact recognized by Kentucky's laws concerning carrying concealed weapons. Anyone wishing to carry a concealed deadly weapon in Kentucky is required to obtain a license to do so, and part of that process includes taking a course in gun safety, state gun regulations, and proper use and maintenance of a firearm from a certified instructor.

Why On-Target is Different

When I went through my training as an instructor, the classroom portion and the range portion took place on different days and at different places.  This was a bit frustrating, as I had to coordinate a time and place to meet with the instructor to shoot my qualification rounds, and it wound up adding a couple of weeks to the overall process of getting my CCDW.  It cost me an extra afternoon and extra gas to get to the range as well.

That’s why I decided to put everything under one roof here at On-Target.  My classroom is set up for CCDW instruction and nothing else, with comfortable chairs for the long sessions involved.  I built a permanent pistol target rack out back, so you will do your class training and range session in the same place, on the same day.  Lunch will be served as part of the training day, so you don’t have to rush off, try to find a burger to gobble, and try to make it back in time for the afternoon session.  I limit my classes to a maximum of ten students per session.  This lets me give you quality instruction and personal attention.  It also allows me greater safety control when we get to the firing range.

Within 48 hours of starting the class, your paperwork will be on its way to Richmond and the next step in getting your license.

The Bottom Line: Pricing

I charge $75 per student for the class.  This covers:
--All manuals, forms and booklets required by the state
--All range and facility costs
--A hot, home-cooked lunch
--My services as your instructor

I offer 10% discounts for Veterans or Serving Members of the Armed Forces (ID required)\

I offer a 10% discount for any group of five or more who all sign up at the same time.  You can train with your friends or family members and save a little green with this option as well.

I hope to hold regular classes on the first Saturday of each month, but I have to have at least five students committed for the class to "make."  I'm open to other days as well; if enough people get together and request a date, I think we can make it happen.

I will also be glad to hold a ladies only class if enough ladies are interested.  Some may find it a bit less intimidating than a coed class. 

If you are interested in earning your CCDW certification and having a good day at the range in the process, click here to get On-Target!