Getting Your CCDW
Your Day at the Range

How the process works:

First, you have to find a certified instructor accredited by the State of Kentucky. Well, here you are; that one’s done.

Next you go through the one-day training course (more about that under "Your Day at the Range")

Within five working days of the training course, I am required to send your paperwork and test scores to the Department of Criminal Justice Training offices in Richmond, along with the state’s portion of the training fee.

Within fifteen working days of receipt, the DOCJT office will (if you passed the course) mail you a Certificate of Training. You will take this, certain other application materials (see the sheriff’s office for exactly what) and the $60 license fee to the sheriff’s office in your home county.

Within five working days, the sheriff’s office will forward the application to the Kentucky State Police, which will conduct a background check and either issue or deny the application within 90 days. If the license is approved, KSP will mail a “flash pak” to you, notifying you to pick up your license at the sheriff’s office.

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