Welcome to On-Target Services, Where Bullets and Barbecue Meet!

"Do What?"  You may ask.  (Go ahead.  Ask.  I'll wait for you a second or two.)

This shooter is On-Target.  You can be too.+ Bullets:  I am Chuck Smith, a certified CCDW (Concealed Carry Deadly Weapon) instructor for the state of Kentucky and I provide the training you need to get a Kentucky CCDW License.  State law requires anyone wishing to carry a concealed hangun to take this training before they can apply for the Kentucky Concealed Carry License.  I provide CCDW Training in Williamsburg, Kentucky, with the classroom and the pistol range all together at one site.  You can get your Kentucky Pistol License Training in one day and at one location.  (Just so there are no misconceptions here, that's not me in the photo, but rather a friend of mine.  If you want to see my picture, click here.  Then you'll know why I put somebody else's picture on the front page.)

Leviathan with a full head of steam+ Barbecue:  I am  also a barbecue pit-master with a mobile smoker called Leviathan and over forty years' experience in smoked meats.  I have decided to provide Barbecue Catering in Southeastern Kentucky and I can provide Ribs, Shoulder and Chicken  for your group gathering for anything from 20 to 200 guests.  Although I am based in Williamsburg, KY, Leviathan and I can Cater Barbecue anywhere in Whitley and Surrounding Counties (or anywhere in the Continental United States for that matter),  cooking on-site and serving your guests hot off the grill face.  I make my own sauces and sides, and offer a variety of packages to suit your needs, from a simple "meats only" option to a full-blown feast where all you need to provide are the tables and chairs.

If you are interested in exercising your Second Amendment rights by earning your certification for a Kentucky CCDW, please click on the "Bullets" link to your left to learn more.

If you are planning a big get together and need some of the best barbecue around, please click on the "Barbecue" link to your left for all the tasty details.

Either way, On-Target will hit the spot!